1. Thi Is Not Belgium 2014/2

    Off to Brugge, to bring 45 vintage prints to 44Gallery where they will be exhibited starting May 4th… The prints will be for sale. There are only 1 or 2 copies of those prints around, handmade some 30 years ago in my darkroom.

    It is also some 30 years I haven’t been to Brugge. Hasn’t changed that much. But then Brugge hasn’t changed a lot since 600 years. That’s why it is trampled by thousands of tourists.

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  2. This Is Not Belgium 2014

    Hopefully there will be some time for me to work a bit more on ‘This Is Not Belgium’ during my stay there.

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  3. Pressure On The Crabs,

    A never seen before crowd ran over Kep during Khmer New Year, putting a very high pressure on the crab population this usually quiet little sea resort is famous for.

    More on Kep HERE

  4. Thevada On Its Way… Time For A Change…

    At 8:07 AM this morning the Thevada for the Khmer New Year was welcomed by the Cambodians. He was presented offerings at the doorsteps, rich and poor alike. Negotiations between the old Thevada and the new one will go on for the next couple of days before the old year vanishes and the new one starts for real. Time for a change…

    A happy Khmer New Year to all…

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  5. Rohingya Issue Not New…

    I updated the story I did on Rohingya refugees from Myanmar in Bangladesh back in 1992 with new scans and never before edited photographs.

    The full story on my website can be found HERE.

  6. Unions Photo-Op…

    Various worker’s unions tipped off the press that they would distribute leaflets at both Canadia Industrial Park and Bright Sky factory, calling for a worker’s walkout after Khmer New Year, one way to alleviate if not to prevent harassment by the authorities. And so it happened. The operation went on unhindered despite the army patrols along Veng Sreng street and the military helicopter scanning the area a few times from the sky. Several hundred leaflets were distributed by a handfull of militants to workers from the Canadia Industrial Park leaving the premises for lunch.

    The operation at Bright Sky factory was less successful as it turned out most of the workers preferred to stay inside the cafetaria of the factory. Meanwhile thousands of workers further down Veng Sreng street were having their lunch break without having seen the flyers…

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  7. SL Garment Factory Pops Up Again…

    Ath Thorn, CCAWDU leader, was summonsed at the Municipal Court this morning to be questioned about allegations of incitement to violence during last year’s endless strike at SL Garment factory during which 1 innocent bystander was killed when riot police opened fire on demonstrating workers.

    More on the SL Garment factory strike HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE and also HERE.

    This is a follow-up post on my ebook ‘A Fine Thread’, available for your iPad on iTunes HERE.

  8. A 1-Year-Old Child Should Be Able To Walk…

    The Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP), a merger between the Sam Rainsy Party and the Human Rights Party, celebrates its first anniversary at the party headquarters.

    Discreet negotiations about an electoral reform seem to be under way between the CNRP and the ruling CPP to end the deadlock which followed the July 2013 elections, when the 55 CNRP lawmakers refused to take their seats at the National Assembly. At the same time the CPP has kickstarted the same legal machinery which successfully hampered Sam Rainsy’s movements in the past.

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  9. Tradition And Politics Can Mix…

    The opposition CNRP Youth organised a set of traditional games at Wat Phnom ahead of Khmer New Year. It is about the only thing they can do unhindered…

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  10. Street More Free Than Freedom Park…

    The 4th attempt, under close scrutiny of journalists, human rights workers and citizen journalists, by Mu Sochua, CNRP lawmaker, to reach the center of ‘Freedom Park’ this morning was again prevented by security guards from the municipality.

    Moments later, some 100 people were protesting on the sidewalk opposite the municipal court where a bail hearing was held for Vorn Pov, a union leader jailed during a miltary crackdown on striking workers at the beginning of January. A riot police intervention came only after the crowd crossed the road and massed at the entrance gate of the court.

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