1. Solidarity…

    'Solidarity' or: help me, I'll help you… The people evicted from Borei Keila¬†to Phnom Bat, 40 Km out of town, and who were provided transportation to their former circonscription on June 3d to be able to vote, received a visit from representatives of the ruling CPP accompanied by a few security guards. Some families were handed 5Kg of rice, a few bottles of fish sauce and a couple of drinking water bottles. The children received 2000 Riel (0.50$).

    CAMBODIA. Phnom Bat (Kandal). 7/06/2012: People evicted from Borei Keila with the gifts they received from representatives of the ruling CPP because they went to vote in their former circonscription at the June 3rd commune elections.

    CAMBODIA. Phnom Bat (Kandal). 7/06/2012: Buying vegetables at settlement of people evicted from Borei Keila, 40 Km away from Phnom Penh.

    And a reminder: ‘Quest for Land’, 11 years of land issues in Cambodia for the iPad is available on iTunes

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